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Weather Conditions in Canton

The changing weather at Canton First Monday Trade Days in East Texas

The weather changes frequently during the year in Canton and all of East Texas ... stay current on nationwide and East Texas weather on this site.

This website provides current Canton Texas weather conditions and links to official weather sites such as the National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center, and popular regional media outlets in Dallas, Houston and Shreveport.

The summer months can be hot in Canton. Some venues, such as the Canton Civic Center and the Canton Marketplace, are air conditioned. Many other venues utilize covered pavilions with open sides, so shoppers are protected from the sun and enjoy breezes sweeping through the vendor booths.

The October and November markets are extremely popular, due to the pleasant fall weather, coupled with the opportunity to shop for autumn and Thanksgiving decorations, and Christmas gifts!

The January and February markets are less crowded, and the weather is usually quite manageable due to mild Texas winters.



Average Canton Texas Temperatures (NOAA)

Month Low High
January 33 54
February 37 59
March 45 67
April 52 75
May 61 82
June 69 89
July 72 94
August 72 95
September 66 88
October 55 78
November 44 66
December 36 57


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