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Tips for Visitors and Shoppers

Yes, Canton First Monday is Big!

First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas is considered the largest flea market in the United States. It is big, spread out on hundreds of acres at multiple venues, and offering spaces for about 5,000 vendors.

Getting oriented can take a while for first-time shoppers ... but here are some tips to make you a Canton expert!

First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas ... Tips for Shoppers and Visitors


Tips for Visitors and Shoppers

  • Canton First Monday Trade Days are held on Thursday through Sunday prior to the first Monday of the month, year round.

    Click here for dates of upcoming Canton Trade Days flea market weekends in 2024.

  • Admission is free to all shopping venues and sites.

  • Crowds are the smallest on Thursdays.

  • The "original main grounds" (owned by the City of Canton) are located on the west side of Highway 19, also known as Trade Days Boulevard. These contain the Trade Centers I-IV, Dry Creek Landing, the Canton Civic Center, and outdoor lots.

    Adjacent to the original ground is the Lewis First Monday Arbors, Original Trade Days Pavilions I, II, III, and Pavilions 4000, 4500, 6000, and 6500.

  • First Monday Trade Days ... main gate, Canton, Texas
    Indoor, air-conditioned shopping can be found at the Canton Marketplace on Highway 19, north of the original grounds, and at the Canton Civic Center.

  • The Old Mill Marketplace pavilions, the Village and the Mountain are located on Highway 64 just east of downtown. Across the highway is Dog Alley.

  • The byline of the official First Monday Trade Days website (sponsored by the City of Canton) is "Sun-Up Til Sundown, Rain or Shine", with over 700,000sqft of covered shopping. However, we recommend you check in advance with the venue, or pavilion, that you are visiting to find out their exact opening times. Some vendors may open at different times, some at 8 a.m. or later. Many close about 5 p.m.

  • Parking in most areas is $5-$10/day ... have cash available to pay.


  • Looking for antiques? There are antique dealers everywhere, but many shoppers head to the Canton Civic Center for deals on antiques.

  • Shopping the ultimate flea market ... in Canton Texas
    Wear comfortable clothing in the warmer months, use sunscreen, and wear a hat.

  • In colder months, go with a layered approach to deal with changing temperatures during the day and as you enter/exit the pavilions.

  • Wear footwear that are safe and can last thru a long day.

  • Carry plenty of bottled water with you.

  • Food and beverages are provided by a variety of vendors, and located throughout the grounds. Some are walk-up booths, some offer sit-down areas.

  • Use a cart or wagon to carry your purchases. Carts can be rented onsite, or purchased (a good idea if you are a frequent visitor to First Monday).

    Strollers are also permitted. Scooter rentals are available in several areas for those who can't walk long distances. Scooters and carts can be reserved in advance - click here for authorized scooter rental companies

  • For larger items, vendors can provide a pass that will allow you to drive-up close to pick up your purchase.

  • Have cash available ... many vendors do not take credit cards, or checks. ATMs are available in some locations, including Trade Center IlI, Trade Center IV Food Court, West Gate, Dry Creek Landing, and the Canton Civic Center. However, on busy trade days, ATMs may run out of cash.
  • Be aware that cell phones may, or may not, work at every location.

  • Non-aggressive dogs are permitted in the Original First Monday Park, but they must be kept on a leash and owners must clean up after them.

  • Many first-time visitors start their experience at the “Original First Monday Trade Days” ... they enter the North Gate off Highway 19 and are able to park close to Pavilion 4500. Then they work their way south through the pavilions. Other benefits of this lot: some of it is paved, and you don't have to walk across Highway 19.
  • The Canton Civic Center is part of the "Original First Monday" grounds, and provides an air-conditioned break on those hot summer Canton days.

    While there, be sure to check out the vendors selling antiques and collectibles.

  • The City of Canton Police Department operates a substation on the First Monday Trade Days Grounds.

  • There are several entrances, and gates, to the main areas of First Monday, i.e., the original First Monday park and the adjacent Lewis section.

    The North Gate

    On VZ CR 2106 (Wynne Road) just off Highway 19

    The North Gate at First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas on VZ CR 2106, Wynne Road
    The Pavilion Entrance

    On Highway 19 (Trade Days Boulevard) between Pavilions I and II

    The Pavilion Entrance at First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas on Highway 19
    Dealers Row

    On Highway 19 (Trade Days Boulevard) south of Pavilion II

    The Dealers Row Gate at First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas on Highway 19
    Arbors Entrance

    On Highway 19 (Trade Days Boulevard) near the sculptures

    The entrance gate at First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas near the Arbors and the sculpture
    East Gate

    On Highway 19 (Trade Days Boulevard)

    The East Gate at First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas on Highway 19
    The Historic Main Gate

    On Groves Street at the corner of North Capitol Street

    The Main Gate at First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas on Groves Street
    The South Gate

    365 West Highway 64 at Little Street, just west of downtown

    The South Gate at First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas on Highway 64, just west of downtown
    Gate 64 to the Civic Center

    Highway 64 at Flea Market Road

    The Highway 64 Gate at the Canton Civic Center, west of downtown
    The West Gate

    Off I-20 Exit 526 on FM 859 (Edgewood Drive)

    The West Gate at First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas on FM 859