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Parking at First Monday

Automobile Parking

Parking at First Monday Trade Days in Canton

Parking is available in a number of lots near various First Monday venues and sites.

Daily rates usually are in the $5 a day range (have cash with you).

Most lots are dirt or gravel, and unpaved.

A senior citizens parking lot is also available off Groves Street, on the south side of the original grounds.

Handicapped parking is available at the Main Gate and the Log Cabin entrances of the original grounds.

RV Parking at Canton First Monday Trade Days

A number of RV parks and resorts are located at, and near, the First Monday grounds

click here for a list of RV parks near the flea market in Canton

Bus Parking at the Original Grounds

Buses should use the West Entrance to the original grounds.

Trolley and Bus System

A trolley system is also available to transport shoppers from one venue to the next.

I'm Parked ... Now What?

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Typical Parking Lot at First Monday Trade Days in CantonParking at First Monday