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Canton Orientation


First Monday Trade Days, Canton, Texas, new visitor orientation map

First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas is considered the largest flea market in the United States. It is the oldest, largest continually operating outdoor market in the USA, operates on hundreds of acres, and provides spaces for about 6,000 vendors.

The map shown to the right gives an overall orientation to the First Monday area for new shoppers. And we've posted the 2015 schedule of Canton First Monday flea market dates on this website.

Major First Monday Shopping Venues

First Monday consists of a number of buildings, pavilions, and shopping areas, including but not limited to the following venues:

  • Original First Monday Park
  • Original Pavilions and Arbors
  • The Village
  • Old Mill Marketplace
  • The Mountain
  • Canton Marketplace
  • Canton Trade Center Pavilion
  • Curry Animal Grounds and McLemee Animal Grounds (Dog Alley)

How to Get to First Monday Trade Days

Access to the First Monday flea maket from Dallas-Fort Worth or Shreveport is via Interstate 20. Tyler is only about a 40 minute drive from Canton. While several exits are available for Canton, most visitors choose to use Exit 527, which is Texas Highway 19, also known as Trade Days Boulevard. We've included on this website a list of driving times to Canton from Texas cities.

Canton Texas I-20 Exits for First Monday Trade Days

Other Canton exits are shown below.

523 - Texas 64 (west)

526 - FM 859 (First Monday Lane), leading to the West Entrance of the original grounds

527 - Texas Highway 19 (Trade Days Boulevard)

528 - FM 17

530 - FM 1255

Another major east-west access road is Texas Highway 64, or Dallas Street.

Canton-Hackney airport (7F5) is located two miles north of Canton, past I-20, and features a 3,800' runway. Pounds Regional Airport (TYR) is conveniently located on Texas Highway 64 east of Canton, and offers commercial jet service.

There is generally a small charge for parking. Shopping is what First Monday is all about, and hundreds of vendors offer products from Texas, across the country, and worldwide.

Staying Overnight?

The Village ... at First Monday Trade Days

A variety of hotels, motels and B&Bs are available in Canton, Tyler, and several nearby towns such as Athens, Lindale, and Mabank.

Food courts and food vendors are available on the First Monday grounds, plus restaurants in Canton and the surrounding area offer popular cuisines.

A number of RV parks are also located in the vicinity.

Need Canton Shopping Tips?

Be sure to view our tips for Canton First Monday visitors and shoppers written by experienced Canton flea market shoppers!

Outdoor shopping at First Monday Trade Days in Texas
First Monday outdoor shopping