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Let's Start Shopping!

First Monday Trade Days, Canton, Texas, shopping orientation map

A shopping experience not to be missed!

First Monday combines the best of all shopping worlds into one visit. It's like visiting a shopping mall, flea market, outlet mall, and country boutique all in one locale.

Bargains and sales abound!

Any attempt to classify the merchandise available at First Monday is a futile attempt.

Shopping the hundreds of booths is the ultimate experience for many shoppers, young or older!

When to Shop?

Canton First Monday Trade Days are held on Thursday through Sunday prior to the first Monday of the month, year round.

Click here for dates of upcoming Canton Trade Days flea market weekends in 2024

Where to Shop?

Visit our section on Shopping Venues and Pavilion Areas at First Monday to help decide where you want to shop.

The map to the right shows the major shopping areas and pavilions at First Monday.

What's Available at First Monday for Shoppers: Virtually Anything!

Here's a quick sampling of the tens of thousands of items available each flea market weekend from vendors all over Texas, from the South, the Southwest, and all over the USA.

Antiques Collectibles Arts & crafts
Tools Jewelry Trendy clothing
Electronics Clocks Home furnishings
home decor
Shabby Chic Wall Deco Glassware
Art work Knives Purses
Potpourri Candles Quilts
Pottery Dishes Ironwork
Texana Signs Frames
Flowers Fishing gear Toys
Live plants Paintings Stained glass
Cosmetics Rugs Garden art
Kids clothing Ceramics Furniture

Canton, Texas ... Shopping Extravaganza!

I'm Ready to Shop ... Now What?

Here are a few scenes around First Monday, and a look at the type of shopping you can enjoy. Don't miss our tips for Canton First Monday shoppers for experienced insider information!  

Outdoor booths at First Monday
Outdoor booths at First Monday
Creekside Shops at Canton First Monday flea market provide indoor shopping booths and storefronts
Creekside Shops at First Monday
Shopping for clothes at First Monday ... in the antique Airstream Trailer! Home decor and more, at First Monday Trade Days!
There are lots of antique finds at First Monday ... like this classic Westmoreland Glass
Glassware Everywhere!
Classic and antique footwear like these shoes from. Dryer's Shore Store in Shreveport, Louisiana
Classic and antique footwear

Fabric, sewing and quilting supplies abound at Canton First Monday in East Texas
Fabric, sewing and quilting supplies
Shopping for handmade jewelry is popuar at Canton First Monday Trade Days in Texas
Handmade jewelry
Indoor shoping sales booths at First Monday Outdoor shopping on a blue sky day at First Monday Trade Days!
Here in Texas, we love hats, and cowboy hats ... shop for them at First Monday Trade Days Classic antique items, from Coca-Cola to picture frames, and more, at First Monday

Antique glassware and jars  at First Monday Signs, signs and more signs at First Monday Trade Days
Shopping for home decor is endless, and fun, at First Monday! Antique cast iron pots, just a few of the rare finds at First Monday Trade Days